Key Takeaways from GoMeasure with Google Analytics Melbourne 2011

Last Thursday I was fortunate to attend GoMeasure Melbourne and listen to some inspiring presentations on Data Measurement  and  Google Analytics.  The full list of speakers and agenda can be found on the event site which  has now been updated to include all the presentations. Two local partners, Internetrix and Loves Data also presented at the event and shared Australian case studies including NIB Health Funds and BT Super for Life. Some of the case studies showed changes to page elements delivering conversion rate improvements upwards of 30% .

Some of my key takeaways:

  1. Engagement rates are down YoY which means site owners have to make messaging and conversion funnels more efficient or risk losing increasingly less engaged consumers.
  2. Google Analytics v5 now provides Multi Channel Funnel Reports, so you can measure the impact of all your digital touch points in the consumer journey.
  3. As web usage becomes more mobile and social, setting up analytics to understand engagement with these channels is imperative.
  4. Set up and track goals at each stage of the consumer decision journey not just the point of purchase
  5. When testing pages, prioritize ones where you lose most money (or traffic).
  6. Instead of making wholesale changes, test incremental changes
  7. Every second of latency can change the conversion rate by 7%. Page load time can be reported by adding a simple line code in your GA code. For a free page load time assessment go to
  8. Internal site search reports are valuable for identifying visitor segments. Low conversion rates could indicate navigation issues or broken CMS.
  9. Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign team is looking for digital people.

These were just some of my topline takeaways, you can view the presentations in entirety at the event site. Most Melbourne clients I have worked with in the last 3 years use either Omniture or Webtrends, but weren’t deriving enough insights to improve ongoing acquisition programs. I would recommend Google Analytics to any client who doesn’t have an analytics solution in place, for its integration with Adwords, availability of locally based  expert certified partners and the new features in Version5.

I certainly gained a lot from the experience and will be doing a deep dive into Google Analytics v5 in the coming weeks. If you were at the same event, I’d like to hear about your experience.



How to monitor your online reputation for free

With Australians spending an increasing amount of time on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, businesses large and small are under pressure to enter this space. Before you launch or engage an agency for a social media strategy do consider if your business has the resources and internal commitment to make it work. What you must do in 2011, is start ‘listening’ to the current buzz in your industry and about your brand.

Here are 10 highly regarded free tools that can be easily set up:

  1. Google Alerts: Set up daily or real-time alerts to be emailed to you when a specific keyword is mentioned.
  2. HowSociable: Shows your brands visibility across all major social destinations on an interactive screen layout
  3. BlogPulse: A free blog monitoring service from Nielsen BuzzMetrics that helps plot and analyze trends
  4. Twitter Search: Use the Advanced Search option to find out what Twitter users are saying in real-time
  5. TweetDeck: Perform real-time searches for queries that are then displayed in wide panes for easy viewing
  6. Keotag: Allows you to search for keywords (used as content tags) on mainstream social websites
  7. Boardtracker: Useful for tracking conversations happening on discussion boards/forums.
  8. Trackur: Created by online reputation expert Andy Beal, this is one of the better tools around.
  9. Addictomatic: Uses moveable widgets to quickly display what people are saying about your brand.
  10. Socialmention: Aggregates relevant content from 100+ social properties into a single easy to view page

Remember the above free options are no match for paid options like Radian6 that your Agency may recommend but will enable you to listen for free before you jump in.