Slideshark makes iPad powerpoint presentations easy

Like most new iPad owners, I dreamed of making business presentations with my new toy and dazzling colleagues and clients. The foolproof method of doing this is buying the Keynote app ($9.99), uploading your powerpoints to it and then connecting the iPad via a connector to a TV or projector. Stop complaining about the costs – every Mac user knows Apple makes tons of money by compelling them to buy its exclusive accessories to do simple stuff.

My personal choice is Slideshark a free app on the iTunes store. All you need to do is download the iPad app, create a free account on the website and upload your presentations via the web. Once you sign in on the iPad with your account you’ll see your uploaded presentations and you’re ready to go. The free account provides 100 MB of space which is plenty unless you want to store a lot of your presentations.

Slideshark provides flexibility to skip through presentations, view remaining slides while presenting and also highlight areas on slides using the iPad. Controlling it is easy even if you’re standing by – just tap and swipe to navigate and tap-and-hold for laser pointing on the image of the slide you’re on. You’ll still have to fork out a few bucks for the connector but this a nice free app to get you going.