Coca-Cola ‘Share-A-Coke’ continues to gather buzz

Fact. Australians drink a lot of cola. We like to wash down every meal with a Coke whether it’s after a happy meal at Maccas or dumplings in Chinatown. That’s why I like the month-old Share-a-Coke campaign. It puts 150 of Australia’s most popular names on Coke cans where we’re accustomed to seeing the brand name. Stops you in your tracks the first time and then makes you eagerly peer at every new can you buy, to see which name you’ve got. With 150 names thats a lot of conversations started – more than most TVC’s get.

Facebook users have been posting pictures of the cans to their walls and profiles everytime they’ve found a can with their name or one of their friends. On the Facebook page, users can listen to & download custom created songs, one for each of the 150 names. You can also share a virtual can online with your friends. Earlier in the campaign users could nominate names using the Facebook app.

Great to see a major advertiser choose an interactive + activation strategy and forego the standard solely TV skewed campaign execution. I salute them for being ballsy enough to take this punt using their most coveted real-estate – the Coke can and bottles.

This is a lesson here for marketers. Don’t just brief your agencies to come up with a viral idea and leave them to it. Show them your willingness to push brand guidelines and norms to take their concepts to a higher plane.