Internet Explorer 9 vs Chrome

I recently purchased a new HP Pavilion dv6, ironically a few weeks before HP hinted it may wind down its PC hardware business. Since the new laptop came with Windows7 preinstalled, I was finally able to try out the not so new Internet Explorer 9 browser for myself.

My first thought was it looked and behaved exactly like Google Chrome – the browser thats been gaining marketshare and was even endorsed by Lady Gaga in a TV promo recently.

I’m no tech expert so rather than give you a list of unexplainable speed and hardware test results I’ll tell you what I like so far:

  1. The search and address box are combined into one, which was Chromes USP to date
  2. The design is slim and minimal, putting more focus on the site than the browser unlike previous versions which were clunky with numerous icons
  3. Navigation is great – sites can be pinned to the toolbar or dragged out of the toolbar to start a new browsing window

Because of the way IE9 renders pages, there is no support for WindowsXP so chances are you’ll rarely use it in your workplace. I’m a power Chrome user and enjoy the ever growing number of free Chrome store apps and regular feature updates but welcome the IE9 competition.

Any recent IE9 adopters out there. What are your thoughts?

Internet Explorer 9 vs Chrome side by side