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Online Video Australia 2010 statistics wrap

Online video was the medium that really exploded in uptake this year. Marketers will need to seriously consider video as part of their display buying and site optimisation strategies in 2011. Here we look back at some of the top

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Google launches special results for suicide, poisoning

Starting today Google Australia has launched a special search initiative for searches on the terms ‘poisoning’ and ‘suicide’. For the above queries users are presented with a red phone icon and the emergency phone numbers for Lifeline Australia and the Australian Poisons Hotline.

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6 Must-have elements to include in your Digital Analytics Dashboard

 The appeal of online marketing is that a site owner can track almost everything related to site and visitor behaviour. This leaves us with a problem of plenty and often data overload, not knowing which are the important areas

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Digital needs to grow up

In my last post, I discussed in length the 5 major challenges Digital Agencies face today as they try to grow their individual shares of the growing digital ad spend pie. Today I’ll offer a few suggestions towards this goal. To

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Digital Agencies – Looking Beyond Metrics & Media Forecasts

“Online to take over Print by 20XX” “Online grows X% YOY, traditional media growth slows down” These days not a week goes by that we don’t receive a new media forecast proclaiming the rise of online media. Only the growth percentages and years

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How Aus Pollies are using Search in the Federal Election

Couldn’t resist snatching a look at what the two major parties are doing in the digital realm for this election. This election was supposed to be the big digital one taking cues from Obamas election in ‘08 but so far

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