Apple rumoured to make major device connector change

Multiple blogs and tech sites are now reporting rumours that the new iPhone5 will come with a smaller iOS dock connector. If true this will be a huge disruption for current owners of any Mac device. Why? Because it’s the unique 30 pin port that makes it necssary to purchase from the universe of accessories to do anything from transferring files to connecting your iPad to a projector.

Most other manufacturers devices let you sync and charge using micro USB tipped cables. So when I switched from Blackberry to an HTC phone I could use my BB charger on the new phone too. Even while traveling, my HTC phone cable suffices to transfer pictures off my DSLR too. But because I have my iPod or iPad with me I need to pack an additional iOS cable too.

Despite the current outcry I’m sure Mac users will simply accept the change and fork out the money when new accessories are required for older devices. Apple can pretty much do what it wants, such is the premium it’s devices command. By steering its own course with exclusive accessories, making iTunes central to data management and steadfastly rebuffing calls for USB integration Apple has only added to its brand differentiation making it even more desirable to consumers.┬áContrast this to other device manufacturers who try to commoditise to make their products more acceptable but are then easily copied by the next entrant. Kudos to Apple.