Wonderbra UK 3D billboard

Wonderbra 3D billboard advertisementThose wonderful guys at Wonderbra UK have just put a new 3D Outdoor billboard for their ‘Full Effect’ range. The 20ft wide billboard installed at London’s Waterloo station features Sabraine Banado modeling the brands new product, that claims to be its best cleavage enhancer ever. While brands have used 3D before, in this case the use of the 3D medium ‘enhances’ (no pun intended) the products USP and benefits. Like the new range the 3D medium itself is new, innovative and impactful to people. When a brand uses an innovation that ties in with the message, the connection is seamless and longer lasting in the consumers mind. Else the residual memory is akin to remembering a stunt but forgetting who the performer was.

Now imagine the same ad as an Augmented Reality billboard. The Road Safety advocates might have something to say about that one.