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Digital needs to grow up in 2017

When TV ratings started to dip a few years ago the online industry were quick to trumpet their own growth in comparison. But in a reversal of fortune it is digital that is now under the scanner as critics have

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Four must-do things to retain digital talent

The digital skills shortage in Australia has been well documented previously by numerous industry and research bodies. With digital revenue on course to surpass all other media in years to come, a grab for the limited talent pool has started. More recently

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Australian Digital Industry in Focus [Highlights of recent research]

In the last week there has been a flurry of reports on the digital marketing field in Australia. Which is good considering digital marketers like to vacillate about where digital is going and what’s tipped to be the ‘next big thing’

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Cadburys releases limited edition Dairy Milk +1 bars

After my post on Coca-Cola’s customised Coke can campaign, I stumbled upon (no pun intended) another similar campaign in the UK. Cadburys came out with a limited edition Dairy Milk +1 bar when it launched on Google+. Users could get

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Coca-Cola ‘Share-A-Coke’ continues to gather buzz

Fact. Australians drink a lot of cola. We like to wash down every meal with a Coke whether it’s after a happy meal at Maccas or dumplings in Chinatown. That’s why I like the month-old Share-a-Coke campaign. It puts 150

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Google+ First TV Commercial

Here’s a new commerical that Google started airing in the US over the weekend for its social network. The focus again is on the Circles and the ability to share by exclusion into specific circles of connections. While I recognize Circles and

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Word of Mouth and Internet – Google Study

Every marketer recognizes that Word of mouth conversations are the holy grail of advertising, helping to amplify paid campaign buzz and give messages longevity far beyond booked media schedule periods. A new study on Googles Think Insight website explores the 

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