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Data Implications for Marketers in 2018

Four weeks after GDPR came into force many marketers and agencies are still scrambling to stay abreast of all the changes and implications. However GDPR was only the tip of the iceberg.

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A review of Australia’s new Digital Content Ratings

Australian advertisers and agencies can finally access daily audience data with the launch of Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings this week. This is the final part of the IAB and Nielsen’s three-stage enhancement of digital measurement in Australia. Previously only monthly

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Digital needs to grow up in 2017

When TV ratings started to dip a few years ago the online industry were quick to trumpet their own growth in comparison. But in a reversal of fortune it is digital that is now under the scanner as critics have

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Better online ad experiences hold the key to combat ad-blocking?

Another week another report on the disastrous impact ad-blocking could spell for digital publishers future revenue. It appears that everyone is out there blaming ad blocking companies for this apocalypse or creative people for creating bad ads instead of taking a hard look

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Marketing Technology – The big questions

In my first post on Marketing Technology a few weeks ago, I touched on the growing importance of this space and the building blocks while creating a tech stack. Today I’d like to tackle three related questions I often find my

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The CMO’s starter guide to building a Marketing Toolbox

The last 12 months have witnessed an influx of Marketing Technology vendors, from large marketing cloud solutions to specialist (e.g. retargeting) vendors into the Australian market. Investment in marketing and customer service software locally was forecast by Gartner in March to

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Five marketing implications for a multiscreen world

The recent Q2 2015 Australian Multi-Screen Report – from Regional TAM, OzTAM and Nielsen, underlines the trend in declining broadcast TV viewership and a consequent rise in viewing on other screens. In this review I enumerate five key stats and their

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