For the last 12 years I have worked in Online Marketing, and have keenly followed its meteoric rise as a significant channel for marketers. My experience covers the entire digital toolbox including Paid search, Programmatic, Email, SEO and Website Optimisation.
In my most recent roles I led digital strategy and performance teams for Tier 1 media agencies where my remit was to deliver digital marketing responses to client briefs. I am available for consultation or contracting work in the digital space so please contact me if you have a need.
When I’m not surfing the internet and Twitter for the latest internet trends, I catch up on the all cricket news and occasionally write on my cricket blog. I still find time for some social cricket every Sunday where I’m occasionally required to turn my arm over.
If you are here, you’ve probably read at least one of my blog posts. I do not intend this blog to be a rehash of information you can find elsewhere, nor would I like it to become an unending series of monologues. So, please question, critique and feedback as you wish and do use the Social media links to follow me elsewhere.
The views and information in this blog are expressed at my own discretion and are solely my own.

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