New Gmail Inbox rolls out globally, Promotions get separate tab

Gmail has rolled out a new inbox layout globally as of last night. The inbox now divides messages into separate tabs as below.


You can choose from five optional tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums and teach Gmail which messages you’d like to go under which tab. Your messages are automatically categorized into the above tabs eg. one on one conversations go into Primary while Facebook/ LinkedIn notifications go under Social and emails from deals sites go under Promotions. For retailers and deals sites, this may ensure their time sensitive offer emails get better visibility with the dedicated tab.

Due to its large storage on offer and nifty features, the Gmail service has largely usurped Microsofts Hotmail/Outlook and Yahoo Mail as most users default service. But Gmail does not offer a simple sorting option like most other services, so users have had to use Gmail features like Priority Inbox, Labels and its strong search features to control their inbox. Every iteration has an impact for email marketers as how consumers adapt their email habits has a flow on effect on email open and click rates.

Recent global benchmark data shows open rates rising globally while click rates are declining. This could be explained by growing mobile email usage (30% opens are now on mobile). So how email services and email marketing agencies master the mobile conundrum (and cross-device email opens) will be more significant in the years ahead.


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