New resources to improve customer journey to purchase

Earlier this week ‘Westpac Ready for Business Report’, found that over half (53%) of Australian small businesses do not have a website, equating to potentially more than one million businesses who are not online. Westpac and MYOB are combining to create a digital toolkit for these businesses, not dissimilar to the MYOB-Google Get your Business Online initiative in 2011.

For Aussies businesses taking the first steps into the digital space, two timely oustanding resources were released this week which shed light on the path to online purchase.

BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform that helps businesses set up professional quality stores online. Their new infographic What Influences A Purchase Decision answers questions about which store features affect buying and the role of smartphones and social media.

Googles Think Insights website is another treasure trove of research, insights and analysis where you can also find inspiring case studies from other advertisers in your market or industry. This weeks tool The Customer Journey to Online Purchase enables us to look at customer journeys / transactional data collected from 36K Google Analytics accounts/profiles across 7 countries. The sample chart from the website, shows the role various channels play in different parts of the purchase journey looking at data in the US for automotive clients.

Customer Journey to Online Purchase

You can use this data to plan your own marketing programs for your ecommerce store. Australia isn’t amongst the 7 countries, but the ability to see data by industry for advanced markets is still valuable.


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