Google+ First TV Commercial

Here’s a new commerical that Google started airing in the US over the weekend for its social network. The focus again is on the Circles and the ability to share by exclusion into specific circles of connections. While I recognize Circles and Facebooks lists as valuable nice-to-have privacy features I don’t think they are USPs for a social platform. Yes in real-life we do not share information and experiences freely with everyone but that’s because societal norms and inhibitions stop us doing so. In the online world we are more emboldened to upload pictures, announce our thoughts and post our location at a given time.  I don’t agree Social Networking was broken to start with. What it needs is more innovation to keep its connected participants hooked. Google+ should focus on its stand out USPs like Hangouts and the now renamed Huddle rather than approaching the social space with a fix-it attitude. Here is the video below, tell me what you think.


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