Google +1 button gets enhancements

Last month, BrightEdge Research reported that adoption of Google’s “+1” button had surpassed Twitter amongst the world’s Top 10,000 websites. This week, new enhancements were added to +1 button which should further increase their appeal to webmasters.

1. +1 directly to Google+
Visitors can now +1 a webpage link directly to their Google+ circles. Google+ recently crossed the 25 mn user mark, making this feature invaluable to website owners.In an ideal situation a visitor may +1 a book review link to his Google circle named Booklovers, who may further share or +1 this link.

2. Snippets
A new snippets feature allows webmasters to control exactly how their content appears when it is shared through a +1 button. The example below shows how a movie site might use the code to ensure shared posts contain the title, movie poster, and a brief synopsis:


3. Inline Annotations
New inline annotations show visitors enriched information about friends who have shared your content before. This could potentially make visitors more likely to engage with the page and share it themselves.

4. Bazaarvoice Integration
Google has furthered its existing relationship with social technology company Bazaarvoice which can now implement the Google +1 button for its global client base. This will empower consumers to recommend products that they love – right from product pages. As a result their friends and contacts will be able to view these recommendations or +1’s on Google search.


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