Facebook Studio – Facebooks standalone website to view campaign examples

Facebook announced a new standalone website yesterday Facebook Studio for agencies and brands who are interested in seeing examples of creative & effective Facebook campaigns.

The site contains over 100 examples of work submitted by agencies all over the world. Leading brands features include BMWX3, Corona and Coke.

Facebook launches Facebook Studio - campaign examples showcase

Here is Facebooks explanation of the objective of Facebook Studio:

Inspiration: We’ve heard from agencies, brands and the marketing community that they want examples and thought-starters for creativity and innovation on Facebook. We’ve built this site to do just that– give this community a place to be inspired, and also a place to showcase your work. 

Education: In addition, the site is meant to provide scaled educational resources, FAQs, collateral and documentation so that our customers can learn about our products and get the latest and greatest information about Facebook Enjoy browsing, and if you find an example worth mentioning please drop me a line.

The site provides great navigation to quickly find campaign examples by your interest. You can start in the Spotlight section that features the best work or Gallery which contains all examples. The Spotlight section can be filtered by Region, Brand Category, Facebook Feature, Campaign Objective or by Other Media used. There’s only one NZ example under AsiaPacific so if you’ve got a great client campaign you’re proud of, dont miss the chance to get your Agency some cred by uploading it.

Facebook launches Facebook Studio - campaign examples showcase

Facebook Studio is also a great resource for social media marketing newbies with educational resources and tips for each product.

If you find a great campaign in the gallery thats worth a mention, please come back and share it with me here.


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