Christchurch Earthquake response page by Google

Google has set up a crisis response page for people seeking information around the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday. The page has useful links, relevant twitter hash tags and contact details for emergency services and donation agencies. Those looking for updated information should bookmark the page which has real-time updates from Twitter and YouTube.

The page also has the Person Finder feature, first used during the Haiti Earthquake.

The page has two options: either “I’m looking for someone” or “I have information about someone.” For the first choice, after you enter some or all of name of the person in question, Google yields a list of potential matches. If you can’t find the person you are  searching, use the button at the bottom of the page to make a new file for a missing person.

If you use the ‘I have information about someone’ option, Google presents a page that asks you enter information about the person and the current status of the person eg if they have been found or contacted.  Till date there are 8,300  records on the page.


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