Study: 59% of marketers unhappy with digital agencies

Digital Strategy agency Nucleus Digital have come out with a fascinating report that gives an insight into client perceptions of Australian digital agencies.

Digital State of the Nation Study

Key Findings:

  1. 68% of Australian marketers feel inadequately prepared for digital.
  2. 77% of Australian marketers do not have a digital strategy.
  3. Australian marketers have trouble finding a trusted digital strategist.
  4. External agencies fail to understand digital in the context of their clients’ business.
  5. 68% are using internal marketing departments for digital.

Some of the above stats indicate a mismatch in expectations of clients and their agencies. That so many companies neither have a formal digital strategy nor trust their current agencies is a poor reflection on our industry.

In my view, strategy flows from clear goal setting. Marketers must ask themselves how often do they share their long-term business plans with their digital partners. Often digital agencies are seen as web / design shops to get an animated banner / facebook page or web promotion done quickly. Only when clients get their digital agencies involved in annual media planning meetings and regularly work together to set benchmarks for digital activity will they get better outcomes from their digital forays. On their part, Digital Agencies need to invest in bringing in the right people and building their commercial expertise to meet client expectations.


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