Apple launches new Social Network ‘Ping’ … boon for music lovers

Apple this morning launched a new music – themed Social network named ‘Ping’ which comes bundled with the latest version of its popular music application I -Tunes 10.0. With 160mn users world wide already using I-Tunes from their desktops and Apple devides like I-Pods, I-Phones and I-pads the social network already has a great user base. Users on Ping will be able to follow artists and friends, make custom song and album charts, post comments about music, and they’ll be able to access 17,000 concert listings. While Ping is just about music in its current avatar, expect Apple to extend it to movies, videos and books – other products that one can play and purchase on I-Tunes. This is a great play by Apple which works of their strength of understanding and developing consumer products around what people are universally passionate about – music, movies etc. While Google stumbles around deciding when and how to enter the social space, Apple has stolen a march and found a superb niche that plays to its own strength rather than try and outdo Facebook. Expect a focus on localisation next, allowing mobile phone users to check-in to a location and see upcoming gigs and live events nearby or look up live venues in a new city recommended by others.


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