Make International calls from within Gmail

Google just launched a new feature in Gmail which allows you to make international calls at low rates. Until the end of the year, calls to the US and Canada are free and dialing othe countries like. The option to “Call phone” now appears within Google Chat. When you click the link, a Gchat pop-up appears where you can dial numbers and make phone calls. To make calls users have to download the Voice and Video Chat plug-in if they haven’t done so already. You can also receive calls in Gmail with your Google Voice number, screen calls or switch phones (from Gmail to your cellular forwarding number). Today’s integration of calls into Gmail is unique as the people you are most likely to make an impulse call to – family, close friends etc will almost always be on your personal mail account. It remains to be seen how this new feature affects the usage of Skype offers free Skype to Skype calls and video chat, and competitive rates on Skype to mobile or land line numbers.

Gmail Voice Call
Google launches Voice Callings within Gmail

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