New resources to improve customer journey to purchase

Earlier this week ‘Westpac Ready for Business Report’, found that over half (53%) of Australian small businesses do not have a website, equating to potentially more than one million businesses who are not online. Westpac and MYOB are combining to create a digital toolkit for these businesses, not dissimilar to the MYOB-Google Get your Business Online initiative in 2011. For Aussies businesses taking the first steps into the digital space, two timely oustanding resources were released this week which shed light on the path to online purchase. BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform that helps businesses set up professional quality … Continue reading New resources to improve customer journey to purchase

Group-buying space braces for Google Offers entry

Google is planning to launch Google Offers, a deal-a-day competitor to group-buying site Groupon after failing in its $6bn bid to acquire the latter last year. Social media website Mashable broke the news overnight providing exclusive documents to verify the news. In the US, group-buying is mega business with Groupons 12 month revenue to Sep 2010 at 465 million and plans for an IPO later this year. The No.2 LivingSocial has entered into a partnership deal with Amazon and yesterday broke the industry record, selling 1.3mn deal vouchers by offering $20 Amazon gift cards for $10. As competition grows, each … Continue reading Group-buying space braces for Google Offers entry

Implications of Google search changes

Google’s search result page, once as famous for its simplicity as its notoriously secret ranking algorithm has undergone a slew of changes in the last 2 months. Google does not actively promote these changes to end users, allowing them to find out about new features through discovery during regular use. The recent changes are focused on giving the company a stronger position in the ‘local’ space and making the search experience more ‘instant’. Here is an illustrative screenshot and run down of the 7 changes: 1. Google Instant – Results below the search box now ‘instantly’ change as the user types. Implication: Users … Continue reading Implications of Google search changes